The Riot Act

The Riot Act

Imagine this happening at your store…

Or this…

Or this…

Or this…

Or this…

Dear Brick and Mortar Store Friend,

Hi. Doede Barth here… and if you’d like to know how YOU can have crowds of customers showing up at your door, I can show you how to do that.

Basically all you need is

  • access to a computer
  • an internet connection
  • copy paper and card stock paper
  • regular and wide tape
  • some different colors of magic markers
  • a copier and a printer
  • some start up ad funds
  • and the 100 Little Details Manual

…and with that, you can – for starters – make a month’s worth of sales in the first weekend!

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So READ ON! This is probably the most important letter you’ll read in the history of your store!!

Regardless of how many offers you get in the mail or see in INTERNET ads from companies boasting of their “consulting” skills… I promise, THERE IS NO OTHER SYSTEM I’ve seen in over 30+ years as a Retail Marketer that can put cash in your hand faster and on-going than the 100 LITTLE DETAILS system I’m about to introduce you to.

30+ Years

I’ve been in the Retail Marketing business for over 30 years and have encountered just about every problem there is when it comes to a Brick and Mortar store!

  • stores with zero money to pay employees
  • vendors coming in to take merchandise back
  • the IRS locking the front door until getting paid past due taxes
  • absolutely no customers coming in the door all day
  • employees with horrible attitudes towards the owner and any customer that might show up
  • dirty dingy old outdated inventory
  • dirty dingy old outdated shelving and displays
  • employees WALKING AWAY from the phones when they ring – instead of towards them dbl lol!
  • the store is half lit up and so is the owner
  • and much much more!!

What I’m revealing to you is a system I developed over the tears and the years I call the 100 LITTLE DETAILS.

This System is the component that I continually tweaked all those years that attracts hordes of buying customers to come into businesses – just like a street light attracts all those bugs on a warm summer night.

Customers just can’t get enough of the store that uses the 100 LITTLE DETAILS, and they will drag their friends and relatives to the store to be customers, too, and those friends and relatives will tell others to visit that store too.

And funny thing is… many of the new customers you attract have driven by your store for years and years but never stopped in!

And once you use the 100 LITTLE DETAILS system, you’ll agree that it’s the most powerful customer herding system ever designed for making your store shine like a spotlight on a stage.

Is it EASY?? Pretty much Yes, and it’s guaranteed to be successful and as easy as it could be made!

Does it work?

To be brutally honest, when I decided to compose a Manual spelling out 30+ years of my retail marketing, I was a little scared. There was so much that was difficult to put into words… you see,

But it was in my blood to help as many struggling retail owners as I could to get their business rolling with sales!

Over the years I had assembled a vast library of successful mini and macro promotions, and it would be a shame not to let others profit from my hard earned experience!

And once I realized that even if every store owner used these tactics (which is a very slim chance) both the owners and the customers would win from the experience… the customer would get a great product and the owner would be fairly compensated by the customer when buying that product.

So after years of trying to put it all down on paper, I finally created a successful road map for practically any business that will attract customers more than ever…

And, I’m having a ball showing it and watching it work… because to me it’s rewarding to help as many businesses as possible.

And I get a kick out of remembering all the fun customers and owners throughout the years and how my guerilla marketing antics from itty bitty Podunk USA to big fat New York City , and made thousands and thousands of customers buy millions and millions of dollars worth of stuff from scores and scores of amazed owners who thought their store had about as much chance as a snowball in… I mean was “on the ropes”.

Make way for your customers buying up your inventory almost faster than you can reorder it, and watch as they clamor for your services… and all you can say is “EXCUSE ME COMING THROUGH” to your COMPETITION!


  • Hundreds of customers show up week after week
  • You have to take cash out of the overstuffed registers in the middle of the day
  • You have to batch out your card machine because its memory is full – in the middle of the day
  • You have to spread merchandise out on the shelves often because your next order isn’t coming for a few days
  • You are calling vendors to find out what else you can buy for your hungry customers
  • You love spending a lot of time paying off old bills finally
  • Your cheeks hurt from smiling so much!
  • You’ll meet old and new customers almost every day

I wrote the 100 LITTLE DETAILS SYSTEM so it’ll show you exactly how you’ll use it to stuff your store with customers and get your cash registers ringing… and put a permanent end to your financial suffering.

ORDER the 100 Little Details System FREE Now!

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Trapped In Your Business?

Let’s talk about some situations I’ve seen in stores during my retail consulting over the years…

Have you invested just about everything you’ve got financially and in energy? Are you working long, thankless hours for idiotic demanding customers trying to return mangled dirty used up merchandise and wanting a full refund for the stuff they bought 2 years ago?


Do you sometimes have an inkling that maybe a trusted employee could be stealing from you?

Do your employees see how you are in financial distress and talk among themselves about how long they’ll have a job?

Do you have family that wonders why you are always working and never home when in reality you are trying to cram 10 lbs in a 5 lb bag?

I’m Not Ok, You’re Not Ok

Maybe on the outside YOU are doing OK, personally and financially, right now on the surface, and even though your financial investment portfolio from a prior j-o-b and your retirement funds have gone out the window because you invested in your business and are trying to keep your bills somewhat paid… you are OK, but when you look at the real financial picture of your store… well, it’s not really doing all that well like you wanted.

Big Box Blues

And with higher prices everywhere and customers flocking to the big box stores instead of yours, do you wonder if you should even keep your doors open because you are losing money every day?

Cut Backs

Maybe you are even thinking of cutting back on some store hours in the morning and evening to lessen wage costs or shutting off every other bank of lights and changing the HVAC settings to reduce the utility bills? And what about keeping up the insurances?

Ads, Hours, Movies With Family

And the ad budget? And the next tier of discounts from your vendor? And giving the employees a wage to give them more than a poverty level of income?

(Ever feel nausea pulling into the parking lot of your own business like you might have had at your old J-O-B?)

Or maybe you’re thinking about your 80 hour week at the store for a once in a while paycheck that barely covers your personal bills… without enough time left over to even go see a movie with your kids (jeez, 12 bucks a person and another 8 bucks for popcorn), and you secretly feel it’s a major expense to meet your friends after work for a good time out, and happily (but not inside yourself) you play macho and pay the tab, but feel guilty of wasting your time AND your money?

One Flu Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Worse yet… with all the stores closing everywhere (covid, ya know) have you maybe wondered how long you can even keep your own doors open… and that you’ve even checked into business sellers to try selling your whole operation “quietly,” and a few out of town prospect buyers made you some absolutely ridiculous low offers that if you accepted, would put you in debt for years to come because it wouldn’t even cover your bills?

It’s frightening to think about… but, in an economy like this…

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The Job You’ve Created

Or maybe your situation is worse…

Maybe you’re one of the thousands of retail owners that are living a greater financial nightmare.

And as you are sitting at your office desk worrying, an employee comes to you and tells you the toilet is backed up from a customer stuffing it full of paper towels and you hear a *CRASH* out on the floor and there goes a hundred bucks of inventory from a clumsy little old lady!!!!

Can the 100 Little Details help?


In some cases the 8 credit cards you have are already charged up to the limits and what you owe has doubled in the last 12 months with late penalties and interest.

You don’t have enough money for the next car payment or house payment yet, so when you sell your inventory you can’t replace it. You tell the employees to spread the inventory out so there’s only one item deep when displaying it on the shelves because you can’t reorder, and you don’t want the shelves to look bare…

Retire Debt

And other companies you owe money to are more aggressive now – they’re threats, and because of the personal guarantees you made when acquiring their lines, they are reminding you that they have a right to your bank accounts and house.

Your mail is no longer a joy to open… it has envelopes, and windowed final notices… so you aren’t really interested in opening most of it any longer. It is stacked on your desk as a reminder of what you should do, but don’t.

You run from the ringing phone so somebody else answers because you see another bill collector’s number displayed on the caller ID. And your trusted and faithful manager answers, telling the caller that you just left because you “are in a meeting” right now.

Basic survival tactics you never thought about ’til now seems to be top priority, and…

Time Running Out?

You keep hoping your luck will change… hoping you’ll catch a break… hoping some big sale will magically “come through”… but another day, another week goes by and the only thing coming through is more bills – more threats – more problems.

Deep inside you know that “hoping” isn’t enough. It’s time to take action. You look in the newspaper “Help Wanted” ads and think about getting a job somewhere.

But you know deep inside that isn’t the answer… it’s just running from the basic problem… you’re tired of all this.


ORDER the 100 Little Details System FREE Now!

For FREE Right HERE on Kindle Unlimited

But which action SHOULD YOU TAKE? None of the money-making quick fix solutions you’ve relied on in the past will fix this.

Get another job? Sell off MORE inventory without replacing it? Crawl to the bank again for another loan extension and wait for them to decline?

That’s all a recipe for emotional disaster and adds fuel to your burned-out state, and an embarrassment.

Credit Cards and floor planning? With your current debt going up and up, with late charges and threatening phone calls every day, the banks and credit companies are making loan sharks look like Boy Scouts.

It’s a vicious cycle that you know you have to ERADICATE like a wasp nest in the attic.

And selling your stuff on eBay or a local auction service? You’ll be lucky to get one-fifth of what it’s worth. Then you have to pay to either ship the stuff or pay the auctioneer’s fees!

I’d love to tell you that all you need to do is just hang on a few months longer until things get better… but there is no proof that things will get better.

Think about it…

Could you have imagined, even a year or two ago, that you’d be in this situation in this country, in this world? Fuel surcharges for shipping are still there, food prices are way up, and employees are asking for more and more money and time off… and taxes are up, and we know all the bailouts and the wars and the congressional spending thing is gonna really hit us in the wallet more and more.

We know that the brief lowering of gas prices won’t last. As soon as Wall Street gets wind of some manufactured rumor of recovery – they’ll raid the pantry again of profits and drive the whole inflation thing sky high and festering panic and fear will be back where it was…

Just like the “Great depression,” experts are (again) calling this current financial climate…

Potentially Disastrous Conditions…”

The kind that can lead to total economic chaos.

Make no mistake about it…

As a super-successful internet marketing genius wrote, “You’re standing in the path of a Category 5 financial hurricane. A storm named ‘Recession’ or “Inflation” or “Downturn” and she’s only begun to show the damage she’s capable of…”

Newspapers, television reports, talk show hosts, your neighbor, your customers… all are living in fear it seems.

Stop It… Just Stop It!

And I say “BAH HUMBUG”…

ORDER the 100 Little Details System FREE Now!

For FREE Right HERE on Kindle Unlimited

No cost

No shipping

No waiting

What’s it going to do for you?

It brings customers into your store…

It brings cash.

It brings some time off when you need it

It stops bill collector threatening phone calls

It stops the constant drumming of “Gotta make money, gotta make money” blaring in your head

It fixes many of your problems, especially if you just…


The ”100 Little Details” system is a tried and true way to get customers into your store, opening your world back up to great ways of attracting sales, i.e. money, and continuing into your real world to safeguard you from economic ups and downs.

Give Amazon A Run For Their Money

When you “get” what customers want, and what drives them to come into your old fashioned brick and mortar store instead of clicking on Amazon… you’ll be free to have more and more fun developing special events to bring even more customers into your business.

That’s exactly how life can be for those who follow the step by step fool-proof templates and checklists that are provided with the ”100 Little Details” system that I’m offering to you today.

It’s important that you understand that you are not the first one to run into the predicaments you are in now. And you probably won’t be the last.

You must focus right now on starting out, STEP 1, in the ”100 Little Details” system… and that is to FOCUS on getting customers coming in to your store to buy!

You’ll find that the ”100 Little Details” system is not a normal gig, and nothing like what you’ve found.

What does it do? It brings customers that causes lots of sales. Just what the doctor ordered.

ORDER the 100 Little Details System FREE Now!

For FREE Right HERE on Kindle Unlimited

Here are some choices:

A) Pass up this solution, or

B) Watch my free online 20 min seminar below where I will solve the top 3 problems most all retailers have right now and offer you to get 97 more solutions.

C) Schedule a one on one interview with me about your situation to see if we can work together and get your business on track.

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OR: Buy if you want the PHYSICAL BOOK, get all 350+ pages in a full color manual detailing every 100 Little Detail… all for about $70. Find it HERE.

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