100 Percent Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you follow the 100 Little Details system as it is instructed and designed, and that is to prepare for, activate and support a major sale event lasting four to twelve weeks that can produce about a doubling of sales – we guarantee that in so doing, your business will see double (averaged over the duration of the event compared to the previous year’s trend adjusted sales, if the suggested advertising budget is spent as suggested. The advertising investment over the course of the event normally has shown it can generate – for every $1 spent – $5 to $12 in sales.. The low side is if you opt for the “Economy Tier” and the high side is if you opt for the “Premium Tier”. Your returns on advertising spent depends on how closely you follow the suggestions. The author 99% of the time achieves a doubling in sales for stores he applies the 100 Little Details to.

The Satisfaction Guarantee means we will work together until you are satisfied that we have done everything possible to produce the best results in sales and customer traffic under your current situation.

I try my best to screen businesses before I agree to take on a Client to help them double their sales and rely on the honesty of facts and figures I request from the owner of the business. If during the initial interview I am concerned that it won’t be successful, in my professtional opinion, then I won’t agree to spend my time trying to revive a lost cause. Usually if I see that, I would steer the discussion towards a total liquidation of assets instead of promoting and building that business.

Factors that cause a business to NOT achieve the desired success with the 100 Little Details system includes: negative attitudes of the ownership’s principals and principles, inaccessibility due to construction of or around the store location of the building, neighboring buildings, highways or streets, etc.; more than 10% reduction of inventory at cost over the prior year; inventory that is heavily comprised of gross, dirty, broken, useless, outdated, products, etc.; cessation of services that the prior year produced better than 10% of gross sales; extended adverse weather patterns such as floods, blizzards, violent destructive storms, wild fires, earthquakes, etc.; political upheavals such as war, disruption of normally available public services like utilities, communication services, transportation accessibility, etc.; or governmental interference from that businesses non-compliance of laws, taxes, violations, etc. by the store. Refunds do not include the cost of any advertising dollars on services or materials as suggested in the budget – spent or unspent (absloutely no refunds on ad budget).

All that said, I am totally confident that the 100 Little Details system will deliver the best results that are possible for your business – even if any of the limiting factors above exist!

Doede Barth, Owner, 100 Little Details

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