3 Tier Pricing

3 Tiers Of Support

Tier 1

Economy Support Price
  • You’ll get both the 380+ page color and B&W “100 Little Details Triple Your Retail Sales” Manuals
  • Free access to our private Facebook page that contains 100’s of examples of everything you need to run a major promo. Included: templates and photos of actual promotions and liquidations.
  • Samples of actual  promo event opening day invitations
  • Samples of attention-getting signs
  • Pricing examples
  • Category sign examples for shelving and racks
  • Price tags placement psychology
  • Pricing psychology
  • Psychology of how to write prices on stickers, tags, cards
  • Ceiling sign psychology and examples
  • Wall sign psychology and examples
  • Window sign psychology and examples
  • Extra promotional event suggestions that work
  • Sample giveaway suggestions and the psychology for doing it
  • Examples of blank and filled out newspaper ads and why mine work
  • Weekly special event examples and how to make your customers get involved in them
  • Weekly postcard copy and psychology for sending them and examples
  • Sample prize contest rule sheets
  • The whole reasoning and results of holding a major contest with your event
Let’s email and/or talk on the phone about which Tier can be best for your situation…

Tier 2

1st Class Support Price

You will receive everything in Tier 1 PLUS:

  • Together we will fill-in-the-blank on your historical sales and then projected your trend of sales for the near future. We can then fill out an Event Expense worksheet so all costs are known before you begin
  • A profit spreadsheet that we will fill out together during a phone conference to project your profits now and in near future
  • A spreadsheet that we will fill out together during a phone conference for an ad budget that will show exact expenses for each type of advertising
  • A fill-in-the-blank spreadsheet that can calculate how to achieve your desired personal income vs. sales needed to achieve that income, and determine the reality of achieving that
  • We will fill out the above spreadsheets together during a phone conference before you begin setting up for the major event
  • You’ll receive an ad budget that shows all types, sizes, and amounts of weekly media types necessary for achieving your desired income and store profitability that we will fill out during a phone conference.
  • You will receive a fill in the blank master invitation that we will customize together for your event that is to be printed and mailed to kick off your event
  • You will receive daily support via phone, video or text
  • We will create together a master prize sheet for printing/copying
  • We will together with your employees over phone or zoom speak on making your inventory “pop” so it sells the most profitable and quickest
  • We will hold instructional phone calls or videos a max of one per day.
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Tier 3

Premier Support Price

With Tier 3, you will receive everything included in the Tier 1 and Tier 2, plus

  • Specific training on maintaining your customer database on an ongoing basis for your profitable advantage
  • Access via phone, video conferencing or pre-recorded videos explaining the finer points of this form retail marketing, how to keep light on your feet to changing situations day by day, and how to maintain a high level of sales and inventory turnover – with your present level of inventory
  • You’ll receive multiple computer files via email containing all the master materials customized to your business that need printed before the Event. Included is instructions about the contest drives the sale to its goal – and beyond. Included: Complete instructions on everything that can be expected before and during the Event, sign and tag print sizes, contest/customer sign up slips, contest calculation standings file, sign masters, tag masters, rack sign masters, point of sale signs, wall signs, much more, all in .pdf files ready for printing with your computer and printer, or sending to your local print shop
  • Detailed instructions to attract many more customers for under $100 as your Event plays out
  • We will relay this info through as many phone, email, and other zoom calls and videos as needed to ensure success in your event
  • You’ll know exactly how to maintain a computer-less inventory control system from now on (that can greatly enhance your present computerized system)
  • You’ll receive customized for your business window sign ready-to-print files that can be taken to your local print service
  • You will also get six consecutive “done for you” weekly postcards that are ready to be printed, addressed and mailed locally
  • There will also be five “done for you” camera ready newspaper ads after consultation together each week of your inventory that would be best featured
  • Five “done for you” weekly special event packages to be included in your advertising media in special ways
  • You will receive unlimited phone, text, and video call support during our regular business hours of 10 am to 4 pm (Chicago time)
  • Premium Level personal support is for a maximum of 6 weeks and usually will expire three months from the date of original purchase
  • Support for additional 6 week promotions or extensions may differ in scope and cost, and further details can be provided upon request.

The 100 Little Details System is designed to help your business become more customer-focused and attract more buyers. If you are not interested in attracting customers and increasing sales, this system may not be right for you. However, if you are looking to transform your business into a thriving and desirable destination for repeat customers, you may want to deeply consider using this system.

Schedule a free one-on-one phone interview to discuss your specific business challenges and determine whether the 100 Little Details system is a good fit for your needs. This interview will last about 30 minutes.

Let’s talk via email to see which Tier will help your situation the best. Below compare the differences in each Tier


Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
380+ Page 100 Little Details Physical Manual
Access to private Facebook group with 100’s of examples, templates and photos of promotions and liquidations I’ve done over the years.
Sample Promo Event Opening Day Invitations that bring MASSIVE buyer customer response.
Rack Sign Examples.
Price Sticker Examples.
Price Tag Examples.
Ceiling / Walls “Sale” Sign Examples.
Window “Sale” Sign Examples.
Promo Postcard Examples
Newspaper Ad Examples.
Weekly Special Event Examples.
Prize Contest Rule Sheet Examples.
Fill-In-The-Blank Historical and Projected Trend and Profit Projection Spreadsheet.
Fill-In-The-Blank Historical and Projected Trend and Profit “Done For You” Spreadsheet Is During Phone Conference.
Desired Income vs. Sales Needed To Achieve That Income: A Fill-In-The-Blank spreadsheet using your current / projected markup, inventory level & expenses a.k.a. “Bass Ackwards Game”.
Desired Income vs. Sales Needed To Achieve That Income “Done For You” During A Phone Conference.
An Ad Budget spreadsheet that shows all types, sizes and amounts of weekly media types necessary to achieve your Desired Income and store profitability.
Ad Budget “Done For You” During Phone Conference.
“Done For You” Master Invitation customized for your Event.
Once Daily by Phone: Video, Voice or Text Support.*
“Done For You” Master Prize Sheet for copying.
Making old inventory “pop” during an instructional phone call or instructional video.
“Done For You” Blank Rack Sign Master ready for you to print and cut.
“Done For You” Blank Price Sticker Master Sheets ready for you to print and cut.
“Done For You” Blank Price Tag Master Sheets ready for you to print and cut.
“Done For You” Ceiling / Walls “Sale” Signs Master ready for you to take to your local printer service to enlarge, print and cut as necessary.
Getting and Keeping an up-to-date Customer database and using it to your profitable advantage. Training during a phone conference or video. Includes 500 Customer sign-up slips and a template to make more as needed.
How to attract 15% – 25% more Customers for under $100 whenever you want. Phone call or video training.
Computerless Inventory Control described in detail during an instructional phone call or video.
“Done For You” Window “Sale” Signs Master ready for you to take to your printer service to enlarge, print and cut.
6 Consecutive “Done For You” weekly postcards 2-page master ready for you to print, address and add postage.
5 “Done For You” camera ready Newspaper Ads.
5 “Done For You” weekly special event pkgs.
Unlimited by Phone Voice and Text Support.
Unlimited Video Call Support.
Let’s talk. Schedule a one-on-one conversation below:

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